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Weird connections

So the Obama campaign’s clumsy hypocrisy has been caught – (unfortunately?). I just saw CNN’s Anderson Cooper (maybe – or his twin) just complained petulantly about ‘why is the Canadian government releasing confidential information’ – as if it’s already ‘PR’esident Obama who’s discussing important US national security issues as an equal with a foreign country.

Some of the back story here:

  • Washington Post notes that the story tumbled out with a lot of help from Nedra Pickler:
    Courtesy of Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press, we now have a contemporaneous account of what took place at the Feb. 8 meeting between a senior Obama campaign official, Austan Goolsbee, and the Canadian consul-general in Chicago, Georges Rioux. The AP obtained a 1300-word memo describing the meeting by a Canadian consulate official, Joseph DeMora.
  • 2004 was the year that the Democrats (Kerry) really outdid themselves by working very hard to lose the easiest battle ever vs. the weakest opponent, most incompetent, boring sitting duck US President – George W. Bush. And at the start of this campaign, since it’s always a question about money, it was the then DNC chair Terry McAuliffe’s idea to delay declaring John Kerry as the Democratic nominee just so he could continue raising money through March. It was a good idea, but ethically grey – and could cause great damage to Kerry’s image of integrity. And that’s just what happened: the first time Kerry sat down to discuss this with ten of his campaign staff, the news leaked out via someone’s blackberry DURING this meeting to a reporter. Terry was furious, as he writes in What a Party. Guess who the reporter was? Nedra Pickler. And Kerry claimed to know which one of his ten people the Judas was, but he never revealed the name – for some reason.

Now that Kerry’s on the side of Obama, maybe he’ll help spot the person who leaked the news. I’m sure it’s crossed Terry’s mind, since he’s working very hard for Clinton.

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