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Reverse growth

Wow – never realized this whole blogger world of white-women-converts-to-Islam that I discovered today at Muslim Hedonist’s.

Funny, how when I was reading that post and some earlier ones of hers, I saw how the ‘American perspective’ of things, as Islam=east, burkha/hijab=conservative Muslim woman, and all of the above=non-articulate, is slowly seeping into me, becoming a part of my mental make-up.

Though I fight the ‘East/oriental=more sexist’ thought process everyday, I did note my surprise this last trip to India when I met strangers who spoke Hindi/Telugu articulately, but broken English, and were liberal in thought, or when I saw sophisticated tastes in people wearing ultra-traditional clothes. I’d allowed silly Western simplifications to overpower my own experience of a quarter century.

It is so scary to see that I can still grow down, not up, and move from a complex, rich world-view to one that is uni-dimensional. Maybe I’d reached the peak of my mental growth, and now I can only grow down. After all, older people are supposed to be more conservative – and maybe my recent birthday was my gateway to bigotry.

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