Hillary Clinton

Written in March 2008:
Had to post a zillion new news articles, even at the risk of the lady overpowering my scant blog postings.

First, http://www.hillaryspeaksforme.com/ – a fantastic site, if I could only figure out how to use their controls – I just keep seeing the same videos again and again – and there’re supposed to be thousands of them, why can I only see 67?

And why was such a great site created so late…..

Second, http://youtube.com/watch?v=uzJjvWA0Vuc – this video by Tina Fey “Bitch is the New Black” is funny. But yes, you can see The Glare – which is that barely concealed anger, helplessness when one of us ‘bitches’ is trying to make a valid, rational or funny point against misogyny.

Then this one – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7I2Wj7tYCo, on how it takes more than hope to get change. Especially love the ‘but yes we can’ part…..

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