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Household Laws

Now that I’ve ‘handled’ the running of a home for so long, I feel qualified enough to call myself an expert. And bringing my own very special theoretical, frame-work driven approach to any work, I think I’m now ready to present to the world the following (yet unproven) theorems (yes, I know others may well have discovered any or all of them, but hey, this is my blog, and I’m far from profiting by these, so there!):

  • The Law of Concurrent Failures:
    Every instance of equipment failure in the household will compel other finite, non-zero instances of equipment failure in the same week. This Law extends to electronic equipment, electrical equipment, transportation equipment, etc., and is especially true for fully-or-partially substitutable equipment.
  • Vacationers’ rule:
    At the start of any trip outside the home, at least one unit of the household will feel very strongly about having forgotten something or forgotten to do something important.
    – The competence of the unit in question managing to convince everyone to turn back is inversely proportional to the strength of his/her feeling that something is amiss.
    – The actual probability of something being amiss is inversely proportional to the probability of the household going back into the home to check for the omission.
    – The impact of the omission on household finances, household safety and household peace is inversely proportional to probability of the household fixing the omission.

…more to come.

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