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Social butterflies, us

We’ve been very busy lately. Not with work or anything, but socially. This is rare times; and it may seem long but it’s only been so for a week. For instance, this is what we’ve done and are going to do:

  • Met up with a new couple for a post-dinner chocolathon Saturday.
  • Watched a couple movies and cleaned up the house Saturday & Sunday.
  • Walked in and out of a birthday dinner Tuesday.
  • Celebrated Halloween Wednesday and went out for another movie.
  • Met two kids – another couple – and hung out socially with them for the first time – Thursday for dinner.
  • Caught up with relatives – a couple – Friday (I cooked). We were supposed to go dancing, but that never happened.
  • Met a single friend – one who’s always travelling – for lunch today (I cooked).
  • Watched two movies today – we did our usual thing of going in with one ticket and walking into another screen. I love this country!
  • I’m also off to watch a famous Telugu play being performed/read tomorrow and I’m really really looking forward to it.

Also, P & I are officially ready and competent to have children. Why, you ask? Well, I had a splinter in my foot which was painful and bleeding yesterday. And with a pin and a pair of tweezers and deep breathing and strategizing, we got it out. Yay!!!

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