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So the cleaning lady had come over yesterday before I flew down to meet P early today morning. And her husband’s a handyman who helped me hang pictures and stuff.
I tell P about all this in great detail, and he half-listens, “Yesterday who came? The hanging man and the clinging lady?”.
I give up.


But he was the cutest with his formal shirt and lovely H&M pjs, ruffled hair & always-upturned toes. I woke him up on reaching here. Apparently he’s forgotten all his t-shirts.
Aaaah, we had a nice little reunion of our own. Today’s the day of reunions.


So we slept like little babies after the conf call, arm in arm, hugging fiercely on the bed. And P woke up to find his cell phone clock an hour behind. How’d that happen? Wrong direction?
Wrong feng shui, he says. Time kharaab hai – his time is bad.
Atrocious, what three days’ apart from your wife make you.


I remembered last night bfore sleeping how P keeps making fun of me rolling my eyes when I’m upset. And he does consider me a godess. This Godess rolls the doe-eyes; as opposed to God rolling the dice.
Gotta love Einstein.

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