HP Seven

So yes, I read the fake. It starts off really well; very JKR with a catch-up for the reader and a big dhamaka event/revealation to Harry. Then it degenerates into a pulpy sappy soppy M&B. But it picks up somewhere one third of the way and goes on to a very heart-warming ending. And I totally love the twist at the very end.

Could this be for real? Do I actually have the true HP 7 with me? OOooooh, this is exciting.

What I don’t get is (spoilers? yes, if you like the fake so much!):

(A1) Why is Hermione so completely sidelined in this book…she’s like some weird interior-decorating-freak, worried-about-hair-loss woman perinnially subordinate to Ron.

(A2) Why is there so much ‘the girls did this’ and ‘the boys did that’ separately.

(A3) I Love Ginny! She’s totally grown into this lovely fiesty woman – and she actually rescues Harry more than once!

(B) So how did Harry not be affected by Snape’s concoction at the end? Could it be – well, could it be that Snape was trying to look out for him like he was for Patil?

(C) Portraits should not be allowed to learn fresh information. Otherwise it’s like those people never died.

(D) What happened to the flying carpet?

(E) The last word is not ‘scar’, it is ‘death’. True to style?

(F) We’ve been told the shape of Harry’s scar isn’t important. Is, too, in this.

(G) We’ve been told the resemblance of Harry to his mom – esp her eyes – is very important. Isn’t.

Ummm. But the book leaves me with a nice warm feeling plus a delicious twist. If only it wasn’t so MCP. But when was JKR ever a supporter of women’s rights….

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