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This is a complete volte-face, but I love the Container Store. I could spend hours there – and I do, online, fantasizing about the various ‘things to help you organize’ as other women do of other things. Barely five months ago I was stridently criticizing P for his obsession with cleanliness & visual order. And spewing disdain for his mom for her eternal obsession with ‘maintenance activites’ like clearing, cleaning, classifying (as opposed to growth activities like creative conversation).

Why am I doing this now? Is this just ape-like learned behaviour from my last two months’ company? Is this merely the lack of any other outlet for creative tension? Will I change with occupation and revert? Or is this part of my regular two-year personality transformation – am I growing into a more orderly, mature person who doesn’t assume that clean = boring? Will I -gasp – look down on the untidy as I do now on the compulsively dark as juvenile? Will I learn to simplify my sentence structure so that I make sense in one reading?

Categories: diary, general, growth, housekeeping
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