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Quick, what would you fast for?

I mistook Modi’s age for his weight (via India Uncut) and was seriously depressed for a while and wanted to go off on a fast myself, real fast. Before I could decide on a cause, or many, fortunately I read on.

But seriously, if you were to fast unto death or for 51 hours, whichever being earlier, what would be your preferred cause? (I know, I know, it should’ve been the other way round: what causes are important to you –> decreasing order of importance –> which all causes in your list would you be willing to fast for, etc., but humour me. Real-time thinking wins hands down on a blog…monkeys and keyboards). My list goes:

  • Good inexpensive vegetarian food around the world
  • An end to sexual harassment – any form, every form, by anyone
  • Accessible, trouble-free, free technology for all (at least for me!) and a competent IT helpdesk. (yes, I know that without charging people for technology there’s no profits to be made and so no incentive for anyone to actually create or innovate on existing technology, but this is a wishlist and I’m not fasting anytime soon, so if you’re an economists – Shh! already)
  • Accessible, trouble-free, free books & music for all (ditto!).
  • Gun control. Did you know that 50% of the world’s arms exports are by the United States? (find out more here) – and most of this finds its way into Africa and into the arms of the despots & dictators and fundamentalists and terrorists who perpetrate hunger, sexual harassment, destroy industry/economy/trade/tourism, etc.

Anyway, that’s a start. Of course, this listing is not just dependant on what causes you hold dear: a big factor would be how easy/difficult it is for you to keep the fast. Considering that I need – NEED – to eat something (preferably with a little rice) every two hours, this list just goes on to show how dear the causes are important to me. And it’s more than a little ironical to fast for ‘good inexpensive vegetarian food’, but hey, that’s important for me!

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