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We’re relocating sometime soon to Bushland, and to the heart of redneck America, that seat of the Civil War, Atlanta. People’s reactions are varied, almost everyone either starts or ends with a “congratulations”.

Me, I’m a little happy, and a little sad. It is a P-led transfer, and it has chavunism written all over it. I’m shifting with him, uprooting my life and leaving my job et al. But obviously, all everyone from his family has to say is that P‘s done it. Not to be mean to him, but really do they think he’s alone in all this, and that I’m just a tag-along-er? Do they not know enought about me by now to realise I might’ve played an active role? How can they concurrently call me a shrew and a dominatrix and then pretend that all the major decisions are his? It’s logically not held together! But then, logic was never an essential component of the Indian family construct.

Anyway, I don’t know if this is the best decision of our lives or the worst or a non-momentous one in the long run; that’s what is unnerving me most – I can’t even categorize this in the scale of importance for us. Is this just a temporary relocation, or is it the shift that changes the course of our future lives?

Whichever way, I’m sure to think and write a lot more about this now.

Categories: action, diary, India vs US, travel
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