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Obstacle course? Curse?

My new resurgence of feminism’s happened only because of my marriage.

It isn’t anything new, the whole world and all women have been through this, but everyone of us needs to learn it afresh. Here, Elisabeth Bumiller quotes Gloria Steinem on the important ‘radicalizing’ changes in a woman’s life:

‘The first is when she enters the labor force and discovers that men, by and large, still control the workplace. The second is when she marries and learns that marriage is not yet a completely equal partnership. The third is when she has children and finds out who is [sic] the principal child-rearer. And the fourth is when she ages, which still involves greater penalties for women than for men’.

Diametrically opposite in intent, but eerily similar, is a line from a corny, cheesy, parochial Telugu movie of the 1980’s, remade into the Anil Kapoor/Karishma Kapoor starrer Anadi in Hindi: “A woman is only 25% woman when she is born. She becomes a 50% woman when she has her period, 75% woman when she’s married, and 100% woman when she is has a baby”.

Obviously, men don’t do fractions, and are all man when born. Like they were all Veda Vyasas. And they don’t need no babies, neither. Womanhood is an obstacle course, being a man is like a 100m run.

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