My sister’s friend from dental College, is S, a Mallu Catholic girl. S’s sister recently got married to an NRI based in Texas. Her family had gone there the day before the wedding S’s brother and father had gone to the nearby medical/convenience store to buy something, and there was two white men waiting at the counter also. The counter boy first served the white guys, even though S’s brother and father had come there first and were waiting.

They finished their purchase, went out, and outside the same white guy accosted them with a “hey man, whatcha starin’ at” and started beating them up. they were surprised, and kept asking “what, what” until they got fed up and started beating him back….meanwhile, some four-five random passers by stopped with their cars, and started helping the white guy in beating S’s brother & father. Needless to say, all the passers-by were white.

So the brother and father went to their sister/daughter’s wedding the next day with BIG black eyes and fractures.

And yes, this is a true story. And we’re going to go live in this country some three weeks from now. Remind me why, please?

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